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SDVD4 Quick Dryer

It is applied for quick drying and dehumidification of coal sample before sample pulverizing in the field of coal mining, power plant, metallurgy, chemical, solid waste etc.

SDHFCS1000 High-Frequency Infrared Carbon & Sulfur Analyzer

It is suitable for the determination of carbon and sulfur content in ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, alloy steel and other metal materials and ore, soil, battery materials, nuclear materials, titanium dioxide and other non-metallic materials.

SDCHNS536 Carbon/Hydrogen/Nitrogen/Sulfur Analyzer

It is suitable for the determination of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulfur content in samples in the fields of power plant, coal mine, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal chemical, environmental protection, cement, papermaking, geological prospecting, scientific research institutes, solid/hazardous waste, etc.

SDHg3000 Mercury Analyzer

It is suitable for trace analysis of mercury in coal sample.


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    2020-12-23 15:01:20
    Anindya Vitenam got laboratory accreditation certification with Sundy products
    Recently, Our customer Anindya Vitenam company limited has been granted the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation certificate, which is a key step for its official operation.Through detailed communication in the early stage, Sundy Technology (300515.SZ) provided the full solution of sample preparation equipments and analysis instruments for their laboratory., Even though the delivery time was tight and the installation and commissioning task was heavy under the situation of COVID-19. However, with the active cooperation of the owner and the overtime work of the production department and service engineers, Sundy Technology (300515.SZ) successfully completed the delivery on time.The successful implementation of this project lays a good foundation for Sundy Technology (300515.SZ) to deeply understand the local actual demand and further develop the Vietnam market.
    2020-03-04 15:36:00
    We are pleased to advise that the confirmed re-scheduled dates
    for ARABLAB+ will be 15– 17 Nov 2021

    We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth: Hall S1,Stand 982.:
    2020-03-04 15:34:00
    Meet Sundy at Analytica Munich 2020

           Sundy, founded in 1993, is the leading supplier of coal analysis total solutions in China. With 22 years development, Sundy’s product line covers coal analysis instruments, mechanical samplers, sample preparation equipments as well as fuel management systems involve in fields of coal production, coal consuming, coal trading, coal inspection and research, etc..

           With extensive experience in R&D and manufacturing, Sundy aims to be an...